Who We Serve

An Actual End-to-End Solution for Everyone

Crosscut Gas Partners serves a diverse range of stakeholders in the energy industry. On the production side, we cater to operators needing power solutions, supplying natural gas for generators, turbines, and other equipment. We also collaborate with third-party frac power providers and drilling contractors, ensuring a reliable long-term natural gas supply…all without increasing the number of trucks needed to transport natural gas to location.

It is estimated that the Permian Basin alone accounts for approximately 28% of all frac spreads domestically. Crosscut Gas Partners makes it possible for those teams to power their frac pumps by way of direct natural gas supply, without requiring massive fleets to transport their fuel over the road.

Our Solution

With our expertise and innovative approach to natural gas fuel supply, we enable smoother operations for all of these crews in the Permian Basin and beyond, reducing costs and their environmental impact.